facade studies


volute as a joint

circulation components

exploded programmatic view

Greg`s comments

  • Slides for kids: Charlie and Chocolate Factory? What is similar and what is not?
  • The program is loaded with character, but what is the architectural character?
  • Section: I want to see the chocolate building systems. What is the path of the chocolate? And what part of the process is visible.
  • It needs to be more than a metaphor on the façade. The section has a lot of potential.
  • Where the two worlds collide is a powerful design opportunity.
  • reDesign the actual factory components. *one week* Create the feeling of being in a giant machine. (in a victor horta way)
  • The façade will come but for now you should work on the sectional sequence and the factory qualities. "mouse trap"
  • Do not use vaults for organization. It needs to be an open volume.
  • You only need to work on one façade, focus more on spatial and volumetric design work.
  • Watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the sound off!
  • Look at the Charlie Chaplin Film (the one in the factory)
  • Design the fancy apparatus not only the divisions.