Greg`s midterm comments

You have a strong idea about the chocolate molded floors and the
integrated machines.

• The facade dia-grid does not match your initial ambition of transition. The

facade should be more solid and less frame.

• Move more in the direction of molded ornamental surfaces.

• Design is strong where sheets dissolve from a solid to screen. The

structure and enclosure have this strategy. Focus on this.

• Why chocolate? Different states of the same material: glossy, edible,

liquid, hard, soft, structure and surface.

• What is the actual material? There are a many possibilities; you need to

do material research. (Prix thinks concrete) Explore new materials, cast
fiber concrete for example.

• For the finish surfaces you can use different materials that occupy the

same surface: aluminum, leather, porcelain, etc.

• Focus on how you use this strategy. Focus on the concepts of your

architectural ambitions; do not focus too much on the factory.

• The renderings should show the focal points of your research and the

different conditions of materials.

• Remember, the building is only the point of departure. The purpose of the

project is to test your goals and ambitions.

• Currently too much screen, it is overwhelming the project. Build more

solid into the project.

• The facade is one surface that is 6 floors high on the exterior but develops

into 6 surfaces on the interior. The facade wants to work at 2 scales, and
it wants to show the dissolving of surface into structure. These are the
main goals of the facade.

• A color scheme could be a strong addition.

Final Presentation Focus:

• Show the building within the city. (façade)

• Show the detail of wall turning into machine, floor, ceiling... (1 to 1 model)
• Dont build an overall model instead build the following:

o 1:50 Facade Model with first 2 meters of the interior (relief surface

that turns into structure)
o 1:25 or 1:50 Interior Models of rooms with seams and different
materials. how do materials transition.
o Site Model 1:1000

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